[Sept. Special] Fortress barracks site of Jeolla

Jeolla ByungYeong was the main base of the Jeolla Army for 500 years during the Choson Dynasty. It was moved from GwangSan-hyeon in 1417, the year of King TaeJong's 17.

Its First commander, General Ma-ChunDeuk, built it and people called it "Snowy ByungYeong," because of General Ma's dream. It was constructed on flat ground and was a long, vertical shape with a total length of 1,500 meters.

if you more information for Fortress barracks site of Jeolla, visit this link.

Please take notice, this photo is not taken in Seoul, taken in Gangjin and Byeongyeong.

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  2. It looks like there is no mortar in this wall - and it is standing upright all these years long. Beautiful construction, attractive feature to see.