A fashion leaders in Seoul, concentrate in Myeongdong(명동). And, many fashion shops stand in Myeongdong. A day, many people come and walk in Myeongdong, the young people's street.

If you visit Seoul at Korea, must going Myeongdong. If you going to there, would see many Korean people and more. Posted by Picasa
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  1. Hi H.F.! Nice blog.
    Do you ever go near Yeouido Park? I loved that place!

  2. The slow shutter speed makes this photo for me. The resulting blur shows movement which would obviously occur on "the young people's street.

  3. Wow, this could look like one of our metro stations called Chatelet. Nice shot with the moving people.

  4. I always liked black and white photography. It seems very "real". You captured the moment. I am new. I like your site and I will link you.

  5. Love the photo. Sometimes when I look at moving objects I fix my eyes in relation to my head, and see similar live results to this. There is no stillness in vision, this is perhaps what makes "still" photography so interesting, and reverting to the effects of movement makes it all the more appealing.
    Nice blog!