Dongnimmun - gate of Independence

This gate's name is Dongnimmun, the gate of independence. I was shot the information board, that's information text is next ;

This stone gate was built in 1898 by the Independence Club to reaffirm the country's determination to be free and self-reliant, Yeongeunmun. where hinise envoys had been received, was torn down and this gate was built in its place.
The gate, made of granite, is 14.28 meters high and 11.48 meters wide, and in the center is an arch-shaped dorr called a hongyemun. It was designed by a Swiss engineer who worked for the German minister in Korea.
The gate was originally located 70 meters to the southeast, but in 1979 it was moved to its present location due to the construction of the Geumhwa Tennel.

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