Kimchi - The Korean Food

Do you know Kimchi? this food is a famous side dish in Korean's table. many foreigners do not eat that, because Kimchi's taste is very hot and pungent. and, Kimchi have very many type(I will update to other type of Kimchi, in coming.). if you wanna other information to Kimchi, visit this link ; http://www.korea.net/kois/eng_si_read.asp?slide_no=51

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  1. I love kimchee!
    My Korean friend makes it for us when we come to visit her in the states. She took us to a Korean barbecue - Yum!!

  2. Did you eat Kimchi? the Kimchi is very good for your physical :D

  3. I like Kimchi. It's a very different taste.

  4. franje / Is Kimchi have different taste? but, I'm eat that everyday! if you eat Kimchi everyday, you will be natural that. ;)