Dancheong in the night

A few day ago, I was upload photo of Namsangol Traditional Village. many friends said, "the Dancheong is very beutiful!". so I'm very thanks them, but that photo's Dancheong is not formality. at least, this photo's Dancheong is standard size. many gates in Korea everywhere, that's have Dancheong this like. The Namdaemun have that, too(but not see in my former photo).

However, this photo is not shoot in Seoul. this photo is shoot in Ganghwa. 'Ganghwa East Gate' in Chinese character, wrote in this photo's hanging board. and this photo is shoot at night, I will shoot that at daylight.

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  1. This is a wonderful photo. I love the colors and the perspective you've chosen!

  2. The colors are beautiful. I have not expected dancheon is so beautiful at night.

  3. Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP