Namdaemun - by Film

I have two cameras to take a photograph. one camera is digital camera, and one camera is film camera but have very simply function(not support manual mode). This picture by film camera. I found this picture from my old folder. maybe, the date of this picutre shoot at autumn.

This structure's name is Namdaemun(남대문). yes, did you see this name that prev post, Namdaemun Market. The Namdaemun is not far from Namdaemun market. Seoul have four gate at ancient times, North, South, East, West. The Namdaemun is South gate in Seoul.

photo information : Konica Pop / Fujifilm Superia 100 / Fuji FDI filmscan Posted by Picasa
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  1. One of the places I wanna visit in Korea. Have a friend there,too. nice photo.