The alcohol of Korea.

Not a few of Koreans loves drink with buddies. Sometime, The alcohol makes good friends. A drinking party is very important event by Koreans.
The brown bottle is Beer(5~4.5% alcohol). The Green bottle is Soju(23~20% alcohol). The Soju is Korean's favorite alcohol(but, I dislike that. It's very hard!). In private talk, My chineses friend said "The Soju is very soft than Chineses alcohol!". Oh my god... Posted by Picasa
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  1. Did you and your friend drink all that after the picture :) just kidding, thanks for the info!!

  2. Interesting shot and I like soju too.

  3. Soju is a fruity alcoholic drink, no?

    I remember trying Dong Dong Joo, and loved it!!!

  4. franje / Soju is not fruity alcoholic drink. this like distilled liquor. the fermentation of grain is Soju's resource. DongDongJoo, very deliciouse!