about Seoul Daily photo

The 'Seoul Daily photo' is photoblog in Blogger.com, start at February 11, 2006.
This idea's original from Eric in Paris, he is administer of Paris Daily photo.

Not only Seoul
This blog's name is 'Seoul Daily photo', but not limited to only Seoul. if I have travel to other city or other region, I will upload photo of that region. and posting a comment of that photos region. you can see many photos of Korea.

Browser support
This blog's templete code use XHTML and CSS. therefore, if you wanna best view in this blog, use pertinent web browser. recommend Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla, Opera or Safari. don't recommend Internet Explorer 6. but IE7 is recommend.

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Have a good time :)

latest update : 2006 - 10 - 17
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  1. I am looking for a photo club in Seoul. Can you tell me of any? Thanks!