The night scene of GwangHwaMun crossroad

GwangHwaMun crossroad

Welcome, people.
I'm sorry don't update my photo blog often.
because I'm very busy and my camera is not so good.
I can't know when I upload new pictures, sorry...
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  1. No need to apologize! Infrequent updates just makes every new picture that much more special. ^^ I love seeing the movement of the vehicles in this photo. Hope you have a great '08!

  2. So glad to see your pictures uploaded once again! Korea truly sparkles through your lens:)

  3. When will you upload the next pic?*^^* I am a fan of your blog. Please keep updating your blog...=)
    I just love all your photos here...

  4. you take very cool pictures im from the USA and my friend ally is from Seoul, South Korea and i wanted to see what i looked like and i found your blog very cool thanks

  5. Awesome! Love the blur of the backlights. Makes it look like an airport! :D

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