The signboard in train station

If you know English, you don't have problem to travel in Korea. because, many signboards in Korea is wrote English. sometimes, some signboards wrote Chinese characters.

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  1. Its a good thing to know. All our signboards are in Hungarian, so foreigners need to do a lot of asking :)

  2. Very good, but you can learn the korean symbols in like... a couple of hours or less. it's pretty easy actually. :)
    but I guess all tourists doesn't have that much interest in learning the language...

  3. It's true. When I first visited Seoul, I was able to travel easily all over the city even though I had not yet learned to read Korean. Even when you are learning, it is still very helpful to have English signs. I found it very nice, but that might be because I speak English.

    I had the easiest time of anywhere in Seoul. Wonderful city.

  4. Yes, I'm sure that there's not much difficulty for foreigners to travel in Korea as long as they're able to read English, Japanese or Chinese, though the Chinese characters used in Korea are not exactly the same as in Japan and in China.

  5. At the station in Seoul you also have English speaking guides who are really helpful. Korean people are so friendly!

  6. It was a very good post indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my lunch time. Will surely come and visit this blog more often. Thanks for sharing.