Wire entanglement beside Hangang

As you know, Korea is a divided country. the south of the 38th parallel, there is South Korea(the Republic of Korea). and the north of the 38th parallel, there is North Korea(the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea). this wire entanglement is set up to keep off the enemy soldier from north. but, South Korea people is Korean, and North Korea people is Korean. why we aim a gun to mutual? I wanna unification of North and South heartily.

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  1. Great photo of not so great issue.

  2. the saddest thing is the divided families. i went to panmunjom a few years ago, and it was the eeriest feeling. it all seemed so futile.

  3. now that to me is a fantastic shot and a great history lesson! thanks.

  4. a big tragedy of us Koreans...