[Sept. Special] in Youngrang Birth Place

Yeongrang was the pen name of Kim Yun-sik, an outstanding poet of the 1930's, who wrote many famous poems.
He started the magazine, Cheongu, which was a literary magazine, but he was better known for Poem and Literature. The poetry of Youngrang is based on the pure esthetic sensibility. It is lyric, expressing bright emotions with poetic words.

While Sowol expressed the unique in the dialect of the North, Youngrang expressed his feelings in the dialect of the South. We find 4 line poetry among his work because he was influenced by the form of the Korean folk song.

If you wanna more information for Youngrang Kim Yun-sik, visit this link. http://www.gangjin.go.kr/english/culture/man/content02.htm

Please take notice, they photos are not taken in Seoul, taken in Gangjin and Byeongyeong. they have '[Sept. Special]' labels in september.

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