[Sept. Special] very big tree

wow... very very big size tree... I need a wide angle lens!!

Please take notice, this photo is not taken in Seoul, taken in Gangjin and Byeongyeong.

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translate from Korean into English


  1. suggestion re use of English

    you use the statement:

    "not shooted in Seoul. shooted in"

    incorrect use, "shooted" is not an English word

    you could say one of the following for example instead:

    "not taken in Seoul, taken in"


    "not shot in Seoul, shot in"

    no charge for this information, have a great day

  2. Good English or not, I know Kais could have these recorded in Korean but chose to introduce his beautiful country to us in a language we may understand. Thanks Kais.

  3. Thans to Richard and soulsearcher.
    I have many difficulty to translate English actually.
    I use Englsith Dic and translation software, but they are not perfect.
    thanks to Richard, because he point out mistakes.