[Sept. Special] old textbook of Korean

The old textbook of Korean in Woaborangkke Museum.
very rarity and valuable books.

Please take notice, this photo is not taken in Seoul, taken in Gangjin and Byeongyeong.

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  1. Anyong Haseyo Kais,
    Nice photos. I cannot read or speak Korean but as a designer myself I've always loved the design of the Korean characters. It is nice to see the different styles on these old signs and books. :)

  2. Hi, Mr Roh

    Maybe It's fisrt time calling to you , I'm Operator of 2CPU.co.kr :)

    In your blog, It seems google
    adsense banner , it looks like a contents!(a part of design) Wow...

    and I am very thanksful when I see water makr image at uploaded image at 2CPU bulletin board

    Is water mark image is a kind of typography or computer font?

    and I hope to see good photos in your blog. and Good Luck.

    by eunjun,